Building and Commercial

Single Phase Openwell Pumpsets (ASM SP)


AQUAGROUP’S “TEXMO” SINGLE PHASE OPEN WELL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPSETS – ASM SP series offer the convenience of not having to change the position of the pump with changing water levels in the well. They are rugged and efficient.

Power Range 1.0 to 7.5 HP
Voltage Range 200V- 240V, AC Single phase , 50Hz
Speed 2900 RPM
Motor Type Water-filled and water cooled Induction motor
Head Maximum 42M
Discharge Maximum 700 LPM
Liquid temperature Maximum 33ºC
Operating Pressure Maximum 10 bar
Sand content in water Maximum 50 PPM
  • Suitable for water pumping from sump, water tank & fountains
  • Water supply to commercial establishments like Hotels, Lodges and Hospitals Gardening and small farm Irrigations
  • Home Pressure Boosting Applications
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Low operating cost
  • Fitted with Carbon Bushes
  • Water lubricated motor with easily rewindable stator
  • Rigid cast iron motor frame, impeller and volute casing
  • Optional bronze impeller on request
MOTOR Water-filled Squirrel cage Induction motor
Stator Frame Cast Iron (FG 200) / Stainless Steel
Thrust Bearing Carbon with SS Thrust pad
Journal Bearings Carbon
Shaft Stainless steel shaft with integral Sleeve
Strainers Stainless steel / PVC
Discharge casing Cast Iron (FG 200)
Suction bracket Cast Iron (FG 200) /PVC
Impeller Cast Iron (FG 200) (Optional – Bronze)
Stainless Steel (Fabricated)